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Christian Steinkeller NEW CROWN DIAMOND


Christian Steinkeller Selected as NEW CROWN DIAMOND in Houston
Right at the beginning of the new year, Christian Steinkeller was recognized as the new Crown Diamond at the Organo Gold (OG) Convention in Houston. It was a moving moment when Christian Steinkeller and his wife Yohanna walked onto the stage and received one of the highest awards. And not just the fact that the Steinkellers have achieved almost everything there is to achieve after just three years. Their tireless efforts in building and supporting their team partners made them light up like a true diamond in front of more than 10,000 participants.
Christian Steinkeller has therefore become one of the top five earners at OG and, with nearly half a million US dollars per month income, has arrived in the upper echelons of network marketing professionals. Only the position of Ambassador stands between him and the highest pay level in the company. Together with his two brothers Aron and Stephan, Christian leads a team of umpteen-thousand partners. Together with their brother Christian, Aron Steinkeller, the first Black Diamond in Europe, as well as Stephan Steinkeller have laid the cornerstone for OG expansions in many countries. The native south Tyrolean brothers have built up over 100,000 partners in over 23 countries in just three years.
Given the fully-packed schedule and events from Tokyo, Bangkok, KL, Dubai, Paris to Madrid, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow to Casablanca, Lisbon, Florence and Milan and, and, and… teamwork is more important than ever. « Never before have we had so much success. It took us ten years to learn learn how to make money. And now we have to learn how best to divide the time, » says Aron. « We were able to establish leaders and an excellent network in every country so that we can offer the best possible support, » explains Christian Steinkeller.
The event, which took place from 18-20 January 2013 in the Toyota Center in Houston under the motto « Passport to Freedom – Project 50 Thousand, » was a huge success. The energetic convention impressed with a great program and moving success stories.
The OG greats, Holton Buggs, Shane Morand as well as CEO Bernie Chua, landed at the convention complex in a helicopter in Discovery Green Park (between the Toyota Center and the George R. Brown Convention Center) and gave the opening speech in front of an enthusiastic crowd. « 1 percent, 1 percent » they cheered together, alluding to the proportion of ganoderma-enriched OG coffee on the market. At the subsequent « Block Party, » in addition to live music, the very luxurious cars of the successful OG partners (to whom the company paid a generous subsidy) were available to admire: from a Bentley to a Lamborghini and from a Jaguar to a Rolls Royce & co., they all glistened under the Texan sun. Many people got the message: With the right steps and goals, the « passport to freedom » is within reach.
The Canadian company Organo Gold (OG) is conquering one market after another at a breakneck speed like no other company in the industry. After one of the largest markets, such as Russia, was successfully opened last year (in addition to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, France and Hungary), the « expansion round » continues at the start of 2013 in the direction of southeast Asia to Thailand. And that is just the beginning.
« Think, decide and take massive action, » that is the motto of Stephan Steinkeller, OG Diamond. In this sense, we are looking forward to the future achievements of likely the world’s most successful networking brothers.
Organo Gold’s next major event will take place in Las Vegas from 6- 8 October 2013, where the motto will be: ‘STAND UNITED!’



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