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It is not a mystery why Linchzhi mushroom got its reputation, for even 2,400 years ago, the powerful benefits of this tonic herb were undeniable, and over the past couple millennia, science and further investigation has only supported this idea.

    • The most scientifically researched herb on the planet
    • Powerful and “superior-class” adaptogenImmune-strengthening
    • Stress-relievingLiver protective
    • Regarded as one of the most potent shen tonicsImproves circulation
    • Protective against radiation, free radials and other environmental stressors
    • Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, and anti-stress
    • Time-tested, Health-approved

If there were one herb that has built a backbone in holistic health, it would be Linchzhi. It has been over two thousand years since it was first written about in the very first Chinese herbal text, Shennong’s Pharmacopeia. Within these pages, he wrote about all different types of herbs, their effects, what they used them for, and their “class.” Even in this ancient text, red Linchzhi was not only recognized as being in the superior class of herbs, but also at the top of its class. He wrote about how “continuous consumption of Linchzhi makes your body light and young, lengthens your life and turns you into one like the immortal who never dies.” Thus officially dubbing Linchzhi, “The Mushroom of Immortality,” becoming the most treasured and sought after herb of all time. Throughout history, there are numerous accounts of Linchzhi’s prominence, not only being a staple for royalty, but also used to represent health, vitality, and longevity- whether it was consumed, pictured in art, or placed on a mantelpiece, it was indicative of a long and fruitful life. It has even been said that the discovery of Japan originated as a mission to find Linchzhi mushroom !



The liver is the control center of all the organs, which basically means that your health depends on it. Science has revealed that Linchzhi has truly remarkable benefits for your liver, which has not only dubbed it a “liver tonic,” but also gave legitimate reason for its notorious claim as the mushroom of immortality. With the relationship between the countless functions of the liver in your body, such as, breaking down and carrying out waste from the body, producing immune factors, extracting bacteria from the bloodstream, regulating blood circulation, producing special proteins that help to carry fats through the body, metabolizing foods, storing vitamins and minerals, and the environmental poisons that attack the liver, such as food additives, pesticides, herbicides and air pollution, it is becoming increasingly more important to take care of the liver and tonify its functionality.

Linchzhi is a powerful antioxidant, possessing ganodermic acids A, B, C, and D, lucidenic acid B, and ganodermanontriol. These are all extremely powerful antioxidents, counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals on the body, and in other words, eliminating a considerable amount of work from the long list of your liver’s jobs. Linchzhi also increases your resistance to infections, viruses, bacteria, fungus and all other external toxins. Linchzhi also works in prevention of liver cirrhosis, which is caused by the destructive action alcohol takes on the body.













In Traditional Chinese Medicine exist the three treasures, jing, chi, and shen. Jing is the essence or juices of life. Chi is the energy, breath, or life force. Shen is the spirit or the “heartmind.” Each tonic herb traditionally was classified to nurture at least one of these treasures, and Linchzhi is able to tonify all three, creating its well-rounded and adaptogenic properties.

As a Jing tonic, Linchzhi is believed to have major life lengthening effects when consumed over a long period of time. It is believed to build primal power and to replenish energy spent handling stressful situations.

As a Chi tonic, Linchzhi is used to build energy, although it is calming when taken. Linchzhi is believed by Japanese and Chinese researchers to have a regulatory effect on the immune system, bringing up immune functions in cases of immunodeficiency and reducing the excesses associated with auto-immune conditions. Linchzhi is a superb tonic for people who suffer from chronic allergies.

As a Shen tonic, it is known to burn karma- to help to help us release psychic baggage or any kind of negativity that we may be carrying around with us. It helps us open our heart and connect to ourselves, to our higher selves, to our higher consciousness. It helps us relax our brain more from beta and more into alpha state, making a meditative state not only more attainable, but also more constant.

Frederic H. Balfour’s brief essay about the Xinyin jing (“The Imprint of the Heart”) contains the earliest known Western reference to the Three Treasures: “There are three degrees of Supreme Elixir – the Spirit, the Breath, and the Essential Vigour”. This is yet another confirmation of Linchzhi’s supreme classification.


All Linchzhi are NOT Created Equal

If you are trying to get the cheapest Linchzhi product available, you may as well save yourself even more money and chew on some brown rice or wood chips. With all tonic herbs, it is most prevalent that quality reign above all other factors, but especially with Linchzhi for a few reasons. Being that Linchzhi is the most researched and popular tonic herb currently on the planet, we not only have been able to dilute it and create cheaper cultivation, diminishing its full-spectrum benefits, but we now know what the best of the best is. You owe it to your body to give it pure, red Linchzhi, grown properly, matured, and concentrated.

If Linchzhi is not extracted, you will be left with all of its food, and the protective shell we know as chitin.

Chitin is indigestible, also the material a lobster shell is made of. Just as USDA organic ensures the safety of your grocery, Duanwood Linchzhi ensures the quality of your mushroom.











Want to Know Why ?

Twenty years ago, Japanese Dr. Yoshi discovered that Linchzhi mushroom possessed cancer-healing properties. The Japanese government wasted no time in sending him to China in search of the finest, highest quality and most potent Linchzhi mushroom. Through much research and lab tests it was discovered that Duanwood Linchzhi prevailed as meeting the requirements Dr. Yoshi had set. Duanwood Linchzhi specifies that it has been grown on specific types of hardwood indigenous to specific areas of China. It is the fruiting bodies of the red Linchzhi mushroom, while other varieties of Linchzhi include black, blue, white, yellow and purple. There are actually over two thousand different varieties of Linchzhi found in nature, while only a small number have been shown to have potent medical benefits.

Duanwood Linchzhi has the highest concentration of powerful, plant-kingdom medicinal agents, called phytonutrients. It is also common in the field of medicinal mushrooms to use the immature bodies of the mycelium, which is the stage of the mushroom between the spore and the mature adult body. In most cases, these mushrooms are cultivated in grain slurry, in a box, with a small growing period. It costs considerably less money to produce mycelium, and when you get the final product, it is half minimally potent mushroom and half the grain slurry the mushroom was not able to digest. When dealing with Duanwood Linchzhi, you are ensured the highest quality of mushroom, grown on hardwood in nutrient-rich soil, where the mushroom is able to obtain the essential phytonutrients it needs for its powerful health benefits. The government actually regulates Duanwood Linchzhi, as it is forbidden to use chemicals or pesticides in the growing process, so you can be assured that you are also getting a one hundred percent organic product.


Active compounds found in Ganoderma lucidum fungus with potential to treat prostate cancer

A new development in the fight against cancer: Recent research at the University of Haifa found that molecules found in common fungus Ganoderma lucidum aid in suppressing some of the mechanisms involved in the progression of prostate cancer. The main action of the fungus: disrupting androgen receptor activity and impeding the proliferation of cancerous cells.

Over the past 3-4 decades much scientific research has dealt with the medicinal properties of different fungi. One of the important characteristics of fungi is the ability to fight cancer in a number of ways; however most of the research has been concentrated on how fungi affect the immune system. In this research, conducted by Dr. Ben-Zion Zaidman, under the direction of Prof. Eviatar Nevo and Prof. Solomon Wasser from the Institute of Evolution at the University of Haifa, and Dr. Jamal Mahajna from the Migal Galilee Technology Center, the researchers examined how fungi fight cancer from within cells. « Up to now, research has been based on enhancing the immune system with high-molecular-weight polysaccharides that act through specific receptors in cell membranes. We concentrated our research on low-molecular-weight secondary metabolites that can penetrate the cells and act at the molecular level from within the cell itself, » explained Dr. Zaidman.

According to Dr. Zaidman, prostate cancer, one of the most common cancers found among men in the Western World, is controlled by the androgen receptor, especially at the initial stages of development of the disease. Therefore, all of the current medications used to treat prostate cancer work to reduce the production of androgens or to interfere with their function via the androgen receptor.

At the first stage of the research, 201 organic extracts from 68 types of fungi were produced with solvents such as ether, ethyl acetate and ethanol. These solvents are used to select molecules that are small enough to act from within the cells. Of the 201 extracts, 11 were found to deter androgen receptor activity by more than 40%. In further testing, 169 extracts were tested for cancer cell growth inhibition. In this study, 14 extracts were found to be active in inhibiting prostate cancer cells.

From among the active extracts, those from Ganoderma lucidum were found to be the most effective in inhibiting the function of the androgen receptor and controlling vital development of cancerous cells. « The results of this research are particularly interesting from a commercial aspect. Potential possibilities exist to establish research and development of bioactive metabolites from Ganoderma lucidum that could yield an anti-prostate cancer drug, » remarked Dr. Zaidman.

Source: University of Haifa



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